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Guidelines for Potential Cross-listed Courses

Courses from many departments across campus are cross-listed with Women's and Gender Studies. We are always pleased to consider gender related courses for cross-listing.

Potential cross-listed courses should meet one or all of the following criteria:

  • Presuppose gender and sexuality as central and analytical concepts
  • Reflect the diversity of gendered experiences
  • Be informed by contemporary Women's and Gender Studies scholarship and/or gender scholarship within their particular discipline
  • Provide students with an understanding of feminist perspectives

These criteria are intended as a guide to potential cross-listed courses. Each course will also be evaluated based on how it compliments the curricular needs of the Women's and Gender Studies Department. We reserve the right to refuse cross-listing status on the basis on the program's curricular needs.

Application Process for Cross-listed Courses
To apply, send the following information electronically to Mary Jo Neitz, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Your application will be reviewed within 4 weeks by the Curriculum Committee. If you have questions, contact Mary Jo by email or at 882-4572.

  • Name of instructor
  • Name, number, and parent department of course
  • Course syllabus (MS-Word or PDF attachment preferred)
  • Faculty/instructor c.v. (MS-Word or PDF attachment preferred)

For a proposed Topics course, we will need the same information, except that a course outline and bibliography will be accepted in lieu of a syllabus.

Procedure for Approval
If the application is accepted and the proposed course approved for cross-listing status the professor and home department must agree to:

  • Use Women's and Gender Studies evaluations in conjunction with their home department's evaluation
  • Submit a copy of the course syllabus to the Women's and Gender Studies office each semester a course is offered
  • Provide at least one seat designated for Women's and Gender Studies students in the course

Additional Information
The Women's and Gender Studies cross-listing process grants approval to courses and instructors as a unit. If the instructor is to change on a previously approved course the new instructor need not re-apply using this application, but will be required to submit a syllabus and c.v. to the Women's and Gender Studies department for review.


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