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Enid SchatzEnid Schatz

Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences and Department of Women's & Gender Studies
Director of Research & Scholarly Activity, Health Sciences
phone: 573-882-7196

Enid Schatz joined the Women's and Gender Studies Department in Fall 2006, with an appointment as the Director of Social Science Research and Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy in the School of Health Professions. She earned her PhD in Sociology and Demography from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002. She spent two years as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and two years as a Research Associate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, before joining the MU faculty.

Enid specializes in Social Demography with a particular focus on gender, aging and AIDS in southern Africa. Her specialty area is in integrating qualitative and quantitative methodologies in both data collection and analysis. A unique contribution to this area is work and writing on a specific mixed methods technique--data-linked nested studies, which make use of census or survey lists to select semi-structured interview respondents for more in depth studies. She has extensive fieldwork experience, both qualitative and quantitative, in Malawi, Kenya and South Africa. Her work combines qualitative individual interviews with survey and census data, using qualitative data to help explain unexpected quantitative results, using quantitative data to show the population-level significance of qualitative findings, and using both data sources together to mount stronger arguments. Enid's past work focused on gender and reproductive health. More recently, her work has explored the intersections between gender, AIDS, and aging by examining issues related to caregiving, pension use, and defining health and wellbeing.

Enid's current projects focus on the social and structural impacts of HIV/AIDS, particularly the gendered and generational effects on households and communities in rural South Africa. She explores the ways in which HIV/AIDS, and other changes in South African society, are impacting the everyday lives of people in rural households, and how gender and age mediate these impacts. In one project, Enid examines issues related to caregiving, pension usage, and ideas about AIDS among older women. In a second project, she focuses on the structural and compositional changes over time in households with and without an AIDS-related death. A third project examines the meaning of health to older persons. Finally, she is conducting analyses of the WHO-Study of Global Aging and Adult Health survey conducted in the study site in which she works in rural South Africa. A recent paper found that pensions have a profound, but temporary effect on reports of health and wellbeing, particularly among women.

Enid Schatz featured in MU Office of Research News.

Courses Taught

  • Women's Empowerment: Meanings, Measurement and Relationships
  • 16 & Pregnant: Teen pregnancy and parenthood in a global context
  • Research Methods (Capstone, Occupational Therapy)
  • Research Project (Graduate course, Occupational Therapy)
  • Synthesis Project (Graduate course, Occupational Therapy)

Selected Publications

  • Schatz, E. In press. Nesting semi-structured interviews in survey or censuses: More than the sum of the parts. Population Studies.
  • Madhavan, S, Schatz, E, Clark, S, & Collinson, M. In press. Child mobility, maternal status and household composition in rural South Africa. Demography.
  • Schatz, E. & Gilbert, L. In press. '"My heart is very painful": Physical, mental and social wellbeing of older women at the times of HIV/AIDS in rural South Africa. Journal of Aging Studies. DOI:10.1016/j.jaging.2011.05.003.
  • Schatz, E, Madhavan, S, & Williams, J. 2011. Female-headed households contending with HIV/AIDS-related hardship in rural South Africa. Health & Place, 17: 598-605. DOI: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2010.12.017.
  • Ogunmefun, C., Gilbert, L., & Schatz, E. 2011. Older Female Caregivers and HIV/AIDS-Related Secondary Stigma in Rural South Africa. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 26(1): 85-102. DOI: 10.1007/s10823-010-9129-3.
  • Williams, J, Schatz, E, Clark, B, Collinson, M, Clark, S, Menken, J, Kahn, K & Tollman, S. 2010. Improving public health training and research capacity in Africa: A replicable model for linking training to health and socio-demographic surveillance data. Global Health Action, 3, 5287. DOI: 10.3402/gha.v3i0.5287.
  • Schatz, E. 2009. Reframing vulnerability: Mozambican refugees' access to state-funded pensions in rural South Africa. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 24(3), 241-258.
  • Madhavan, S, Schatz, E & Clark, B. 2009. HIV/AIDS mortality and household dependency ratios in rural South Africa. Population Studies 63(1), 37-51.
  • Ogunmefun, C & Schatz, E. 2009. Caregivers' sacrifices: the opportunity costs of adult morbidity and mortality for female pensioners in rural South Africa. Development Southern Africa, 26(1), 95-109.
  • Schatz, E. 2009. Giving meaning to health: Daily occupations among elderly South Africans. Anthropology & Aging Quarterly 30(2), 27, 41. [Commentary].
  • Schatz, E. & Ogunmefun, C. 2007. Caring and Contributing: The Role of Older Women in Multi-generational Households in the HIV/AIDS era. World Development, 35(8), 1390-1403.
  • Schatz, E. 2007. Taking care of my own blood: Older women's relationships to their households in rural South Africa. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 35(4), 147-154.
  • Madhavan, S & Schatz, E. 2007. Coping with change: Household structure and composition in rural South Africa, 1992 - 2003. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 35(4), 85-93.
  • Schatz, E. 2005. 'Take your Mat and Go!': Rural Malawian women's strategies in the HIV/AIDS era, Culture, Health and Sexuality 7(5), 479-492.
  • Schatz, E. 2003. Comparing, contextualizing, and conceptualizing: Enhancing quantitative data on women's situation in rural Africa. Demographic Research S1-5.

Recent Grant Awards

  • Use of botanicals in chronic pain research, Mizzou Advantage/Chancellor's Fund for Excellence, University of Missouri. William Folk, PI. Awarded $50,000, February 2011. Contribution/Role: 0% effort, key contributor.
  • Grants under review
    Pension effects on older persons' health and wellbeing in rural South Africa [R03], National Institute of Health-National Institute of Aging. Schatz, PI. Requested $50,000/year direct costs, 2 year grant. Submitted June 2011.
  • MU-UWC Linkages Grant-Feminist Writing Institute, University of Missouri-South Africa Education Program. Rebecca Dingo & Schatz, co-PIs. Requested $8,300 to run writing institute for Women's & Gender Studies and Humanities PhD students at the University of the Western Cape in Summer 2012. Submitted July 2011.

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Schatz, E. 2011. Demographic change and implications for gender roles [Paper Session Discussant]. Union of African Population Studies Conference, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, December 5-9, 2011.
  • Schatz, E. An unexpected double burden of caregiving: Older women in AIDS-endemic settings. Paper to be presented at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 18-22, 2011.
  • Schatz, E. 2011. Subverting the Master's Tools: From Local Situation(s) to Transnational Network(s)[Panel]. 2011. Discussant, National Women's Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, November 10-13, 2011.
  • Schatz, E. 2011. Gender and the pension 'bump': Evidence from rural South Africa. University of Missouri Black Studies Colloquium Series. September 2011.
  • Schatz, E. Gomez-Olive, X, Menken, J, Tollman, S, Thorogood, M, & Ralston, M. Gender, pensions, and social wellbeing in rural South Africa. Paper presented at the Population Association of America Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 31-April 2, 2011.
  • Schatz, E. & Williams, J. 2011. Understanding women's status, empowerment and autonomy in sub-Saharan Africa: The need to contextualize and validate DHS gender analyses with supplemental qualitative data. Paper presented at the Population Association of America Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 31-April 2, 2011.
  • Schatz, E.& Williams, J. 2010. Female headship, Status and HIV/AIDS in rural South Africa. Paper presentation, Population Association of America Meeting, Dallas, TX, April 15-17, 2010.
  • Madhavan, S, Schatz, E, Clark, S, & Collinson, M. 2010. Child mobility, maternal status and household composition in rural South Africa. Paper presentation, Population Association of America Meeting, Dallas, TX, April 15-17, 2010.


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