The Minor

A Women's and Gender Studies minor can be a component of any undergraduate degree granted at MU.

A student minoring in Women's and Gender Studies is required to fulfill all requirements for their major degree program, and in addition complete at least 15 hours of Women's and Gender Studies courses, including:

  • 1120 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • 2010 Gender and Identity: Understanding Intersectionality

plus at least 9 additional hours of approved courses, including 6 hours numbered 2000 or above (Download Graduation Plan for full list).

Leadership and Public Service Minor

This joint program option is available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Women's and Gender Studies. Through the Office of Service Learning, students may pursue a Minor in Leadership & Public Service (PDF download). This option provides students with an opportunity to participate in professional leadership and public service venues to compliment their academic coursework.

The educational objectives of this option are to graduate majors who in addition to having an understanding of Women's and Gender Studies as a discipline, will also:

  • be educated in leadership and community service with an emphasis on women's roles in mentoring, government, and public health
  • be educated as future leaders for our community, state, and nation
  • be encouraged to have a lifetime of citizenship and community service
  • have focused a portion of their education on exploring issues that influence women and gender in areas of leadership and public and community service
  • have a positive impact on Missouri communities through their community and government service

A student pursuing an interdisciplinary emphasis in Women's and Gender Studies with the Leadership and Public Service minor would be required to fulfill the basic skills and general education requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in the College of Arts and Science with a minimum of 30 hours in Women's and Gender Studies, and a minimum of 15 hours in Leadership and Public Service.


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