Topics: Women & printmaking

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Katie Iselin
Core Course
Course Description

THis is a blended offering. Some of the class time will be in-seat and other parts will be online. 

WGST 3005-03/ARH_VS 3005-01: Printmaking and Gender in the Western World

Before the internet, the printing industry was most responsible for the widespread dissemination of information through both text and image. As a widely distributed medium, much can be gained by studying its history within Western culture. This course explores how printmaking intersects with gender identity, both in its creation and reception. Students will study the history of women in the print industry, who worked as both artists and publishers. They will also examine the representation of gender and sexuality in prints, covering such themes as the French and American Revolutions, medical and academic scholarship, erotic art, and collecting. Students will learn about a variety of printmaking techniques, as well as how printmaking shifted away from its original utilitarian purpose and became a solely artistic medium in the twentieth century.