Future Students


The students who enroll in Women’s and Gender Studies courses find them to be intellectually stimulating and personally meaningful. Women’s and Gender Studies courses combine a broad range of approaches and methods with innovative classroom experiences and teaching.

Our department is dedicated to providing students with the personal attention they need. Through our diverse course options and exciting curriculum students can design a course of study that meets their educational needs.  

Undergraduate Program

Students can incorporate Women’s and Gender Studies coursework into their studies in a number of ways.

  • Degree Options
    - Undergraduate Interdisciplinary emphasis area
    - Undergraduate minor
  • Non-degree Course Options
    - Many Women's and Gender Studies courses fulfill General Education Requirements
    - Elective credit

Graduate Minor

The minor in Women's and Gender Studies is available to all students pursuing a graduate degree at MU. Candidates considering the Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies work closely with the graduate advisor to design a program of study that best complements the student's primary degree and area of specialization. Students will gain expertise in the methodologies and theories in Women's and Gender Studies. Teaching and research opportunities are available.

Where the Major Leads…

Because of the diversity of Women's and Gender Studies, a WGST major can be combined with other programs to create a double major or a dual degree. The flexibility and expansiveness of the degree enables our graduates to work in a wide variety of fields, including education, law, public policy, health sciences, human resources, business management, social work, arts, non-profit organizations, NGO’s, advertising and market research, communication, and journalism.