Graduate Minor

The minor in Women's and Gender Studies is available to all students pursuing a graduate degree at MU. Candidates considering the Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies work closely with the graduate advisor to design a program of study that best complements the student's primary degree and area of specialization. Students will gain expertise in the methodologies and theories in Women's and Gender Studies. Teaching and research opportunities are available.

A WGST minor consists of a total of 15 credit hours. In addition to the required courses (6 credits) students must take 3 additional elective courses (9 credits). Students may take up to 6 credits in their home department, and an additional 3 credits in another unit. All electives must engage with some aspect of the core theories, methods and/or subjects central to the discipline of WGST. Electives must be approved by the WGST Director of Graduate Studies.

WGST Required courses (6 credits)

WGST 8020 Graduate Feminist Theory

WGST 8040 Seminar: Problems and Issues in Feminist Scholarship


If a student would like to submit a course for credit, please contact the WGST Graduate Advisor as soon as enrolled in the course, forwarding the course number, description and instructor.  If this information proves insufficient to determine whether or not the course incorporates WGST theories and methods, the student will need to meet with the Graduate Advisor to discuss the syllabus and the assignments.


WGST Graduate Advisor

Dr. Lynn Itagaki
Associate Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies

332 Tate Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone:  (573) 884-3170

Pronouns: she, her, hers