Women, Development, and Globalization

Course Description

Interest in "development" as a strategy to bring about proposed changes in nonWestern societies began in the 1940s and has continued to the present. This course will review critically the history and structure of the discourse and practices surrounding the development process, particularly as they have affected the lives of women. A major emphasis in the course will be the need to understand global connections between women and the ways both Western and nonWestern societies are implicated in development activities. Increasingly, globalization and its impact on development need to be addressed. This course will cover various issues associated with the impact of globalization on women in western and nonwestern nations. In reviewing the specifics of the development process, we will note how women are made invisible and visible, and how they are represented. Attention will be paid to women's own perspectives on "development" and local attempts to define and institute programs that can improve the quality of life.