Graduate Student Group

The Women's and Gender Studies graduate student group is dedicated to ensuring a feminist voice on campus, creating feminist centered social opportunities, and to promoting critical feminist scholarship. As feminist scholars, we are dedicated to facilitating an open dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students and faculty and to engage in outreach throughout the campus and surrounding community.

If you are interested in gathering with other student scholars who are committed to:

  • Feminist scholarship
  • The promotion of equity on campus
  • Engaging in questions about gender and its intersections with race, class, nationality, sexuality, religion and other axes of power
  • Fostering interdisciplinary connections
  • Challenging institutional and cultural boundaries
  • Developing a network of feminist colleagues, mentors, and friends,

then please come join the Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Student Group. All are welcome!

The Women’s and Gender Studies Department is hosts a graduate student colloquium series in the spring. Graduate students across all disciplines and methodologies are invited to present their research. Research can include but is not limited to issues surrounding race, class, gender, nation, religion, or disability; both U.S. based or transnational from any time period. Participation in the colloquium series can help provide feedback and refine any research you may want to present at a national conference later on as well as help develop your network of peers on the MU campus.

If you are interested in presenting or attending, please keep an eye on WGST's social media for both the call for papers and conference advertisements. 



Sara Shaban & Alexis Lewis
2019/20 AY Co-Chairs, MU WGST Graduate Student Group

For more information, contact the Women's and Gender Studies office via email