Course Title Course Designation Course Number Semester
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 7001
Studies in Feminist Thought WGST 7020 Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Feminist Research and Criticism WGST/Sociology 7110
Women, Art and Society WGST/Art History 7120
Major Women Writers WGST/English 7180 Fall 2021
Themes in Literature by Women WGST/English 7181
Major Women Writers; The Brontë Sisters WGST/English 7188 Spring 2022
Women, Development, and Globalization WGST/Sociology 7230
Adoption, Child Welfare and the Family, 1850-present WGST/History 7310
Studies in Gender and the Environment WGST 7350
Anthropology of Gender WGST/Anthropology 7370 Spring 2020, Fall 2021
Contemporary Issues in Domestic Violence WGST/Social Work 7400 Spring 2022, Fall 2022
Studies in Gender, Culture, and Politics WGST 7420 Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Major African Diaspora Women Writers WGST/English/Black Studies 7480
Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective WGST/Peace Studies/Sociology 7550 Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Studies in Women and Health WGST 7600
Studies in Gender and Performance WGST 7640
European Women in the 20th Century WGST/History 7660
Women and the Media WGST/Journalism 7716 Spring 2022
Women, Religion and Culture WGST/Religious Studies 7750 Spring 2020, Fall 2022
Women's Folklore and Feminist Theory WGST/English 7780
Study Abroad - Costa Rica: An Alternative Way WGST 7874 Spring 2022
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 8001
Graduate Feminist Theory WGST/English 8020 Spring 2022
Seminar: Problems & Issues in Feminist Scholarship WGST/English 8040/8060 Fall 2021, Fall 2022
New Directions in Feminist Theory WGST 8060
Women Writers of the African Diaspora WGST/English/Black Studies 8400
Readings in Feminist and Gender Studies WGST 8405
Africana Theory and Literature Criticism: Black Feminist/Womanist Thought WGST/English/Black Studies 8410
Work and Family Seminar WGST/Human Development and Family Studies 8620
Gendered Relations in Families WGST/Human Development and Family Studies 8630
Problems in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 8965 Fall 2020, Summer 2020
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 9001
Race, Gender, Ethnicity in Higher Education WGST/Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis 9440 Fall 2020