Course Title Course Designation Course Number Semester
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 7001
Studies in Feminist Thought WGST 7020
Feminist Research and Criticism WGST/Sociology 7110
Women, Art and Society WGST/Art History 7120
Major Women Writers WGST/English 7180
Themes in Literature by Women WGST/English 7181
Major Women Writers; The Brontë Sisters WGST/English 7188
Women, Development, and Globalization WGST/Sociology 7230
Adoption, Child Welfare and the Family, 1850-present WGST/History 7310
Studies in Gender and the Environment WGST 7350
Anthropology of Gender WGST/Anthropology 7370
Contemporary Issues in Domestic Violence WGST/Social Work 7400 Fall 2024
Studies in Gender, Culture, and Politics WGST 7420
Major African Diaspora Women Writers WGST/English/Black Studies 7480
Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective WGST/Peace Studies/Sociology 7550
Studies in Women and Health WGST 7600
Studies in Gender and Performance WGST 7640
European Women in the 20th Century WGST/History 7660
Women and the Media WGST/Journalism 7716
Women, Religion and Culture WGST/Religious Studies 7750
Women's Folklore and Feminist Theory WGST/English 7780
Study Abroad - Costa Rica: An Alternative Way WGST 7874
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 8001
Graduate Feminist Theory WGST/English 8020
Seminar: Problems & Issues in Feminist Scholarship WGST/English 8040/8060 Fall 2024
New Directions in Feminist Theory WGST 8060
Women Writers of the African Diaspora WGST/English/Black Studies 8400
Readings in Feminist and Gender Studies WGST 8405
Africana Theory and Literature Criticism: Black Feminist/Womanist Thought WGST/English/Black Studies 8410
Work and Family Seminar WGST/Human Development and Family Studies 8620
Gendered Relations in Families WGST/Human Development and Family Studies 8630
Problems in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 8965
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies WGST 9001
Race, Gender, Ethnicity in Higher Education WGST/Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis 9440